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Taste of Sangiovese

Taste of Sangiovese is a wine case of 6, that pays homage to the Italian roots of the Stagnari family, whom are originally from the central Adriatic region of Ancona, east of Umbria. The 6 months barrel-aged Pedregal Sangiovese has a bright red color and appears as a light, fresh and fruity wine with dark fruits, sweet cherry, blueberry, plum and some orange peel. Medium-bodied, with moderate acidity and well-integrated tannins. Long fruity finish. A vinophile journey from Italy to Uruguay!


Our wine case includes:


Fruity with moderate acidity

100% Sangiovese

Vintage: 2015

Aged 6 months in american oak barrels

Alcohol content: 12.0% / Residual sugar 

Winery: Antigua Bodega


Slightly chilled at 16-18 °, our Sangiovese goes well with pizza and pasta

Taste of Sangiovese Wine Case
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