Fine wines with balance and freshness

This is our favourite Cabernet Sauvignon from Uruguay, a full bodied red wine with aromas of dark forest fruit flavours, dark chocolate and pepper. In the mouth it is sumptuous with soft tannins and rich varietal flavours. 6 months aging in ... (Read More)
11,90 € 15,86 € / none
This Bordeaux like blend shows an attractive color scheme in dark ruby red, which hints at ripe plums and berries aromas. It not only convinces with its color, but above all with its mature bouquet and a long-lasting fruity expressiveness on ... (Read More)
11,90 € 15,86 € / none
Pedregal TANNAT MERLOT 2015
This Tannat Merlot blend shows a deep garnet-purple in colour with lifted aromas of crushed red berries and cherry with hints of nectarine, black pepper and a hint of vanilla. The palate is vibrant with good concentration and supple tannins. ... (Read More)
11,90 € 15,86 € / none
Pedregal TANNAT 2015
Our bestseller!  The colour of this 100% Tannat is superb, intensely dark bold red for which Tannat is known for. This wine provides lovely dark fruit aromas, paired with cherry, figs and chocolate. This is a mouthfilling Tannat with savoury ... (Read More)
11,90 € 15,86 € / none
Pedregal SANGIOVESE 2015
This deep ruby red Sangiovese is a reminder of the italian roots of the Stagnari family, who originally came to Uruguay from Ancona, Marche region. It shows a unique identity with fresh fruity flavours of dark fruits, blueberries and prunes, ... (Read More)
11,90 € 15,86 € / none
Km.0 Reserva MALBEC 2016
The French Malbec grape may have found a new home in Argentina, but it is also produced in Uruguay in small quantities. Malbec from Uruguay is medium bodied, powerful and spicy. Intensity and balance characterize this modern Malbec and make ... (Read More)
12,50 € 17,20 € / l
Km.0 Reserva TANNAT 2014
This Reserva Tannat of the Km.0 line of Bodega Familia Irurtia presents itself young and fresh. Only grapes from the best vineyards are used. Medium purple in the glass with a  nose dominating aromas of dark fruits, cherry, blackcurrant, pep ... (Read More)
12,50 € 17,20 € / l
Km.0 Reserva TANNAT SYRAH 2013
A wonderful cuvée with strong expression and fullness. Here it is the Syrah that brings freshness and acidity into the game. Intense red color with complex aromas of dark fruits, black cherry and blackberry, which in the finish combine vanil ... (Read More)
12,50 € 17,20 € / l
Ombú Classico TANNAT 2015
Finally we have a Tannat, that has not aged in oak! The Ombú Tannat Classico is the only pure Tannat wine in our range, that has aged in concrete wine tanks.  Aging this wine in concrete tanks enhances the preserved fruity characteristics an ... (Read More)
12,90 € 17,16 € / l
Dark ruby red in the glass. The Ombú is a modern cuvée, with aromas of dark fruits, cherry, blackberry and black pepper and dominant fruit flavours that give a medium finish. Tannat and its powerful tannins, Syrah's savoury spicy character a ... (Read More)
14,50 € 19,33 € / l
With a lively red colour. It has an elegant aroma of red fruits (strawberries and raspberries) and a touch of vanilla. In the mouth it feels soft and fresh, with mature tanning that provides roundness and equilibrium. Delicate ending, yet pe ... (Read More)
14,90 € 19,86 € / none
Did you know that the first varietal Marselan was bred in the 1960s? This is not only a new wine in our range, but the crossing of Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache is also relatively new to the wine world. Violet blue in the glass with aromas ... (Read More)
16,50 € 21,99 € / none
Km.0 Gran Reserva TANNAT 2013
After 18 months in American oak, the edgy tannins are velvety to rounded with an excellent finish. The Km.0 Gran Reserva Tannat Roble presents itself with dark ruby garnet and purple reflections. Complex and profound: A hint of nougat and va ... (Read More)
16,90 € 22,53 € / none
Km.0 Gran Reserva PINOT NOIR 2015
Attention to all Pinot Noir lovers: This rare and delicate Km.0 Gran Reserva Pinot Noir from western Uruguay convinces with seducing aromas of ripe red berries, fennel and dill. Cherries, raspberries, vanilla and spices roll across the palat ... (Read More)
16,90 € 22,53 € / none
Ombú Reserve Petit Verdot 2016
Only a handful of uruguayan winemakers have recognized the potential of Petit Verdot  and the Ombú Reserve Petit Verdot is one of the few Petit Verdots from Uruguay. The Atlantic climate, the mineral soils and long summer days with cool nigh ... (Read More)
18,50 € 23,81 € / none
Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc & Rosé wine case
Our Uruguayan Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc & Rosé wine case trio from the Pedregal line grows on calcareous soils from the winery Antigua Bodega, the Stagnari family. An unoaked, mineral Sauvignon Blanc with freshness through cooled fermentat ... (Read More)
67,40 € 60,66 € 13,48 € / none
Taste of Sangiovese
Taste of Sangiovese is a wine case of 6, that pays homage to the Italian roots of the Stagnari family, whom are originally from the central Adriatic region of Ancona, east of Umbria. The 6 months barrel-aged Pedregal Sangiovese has a bright ... (Read More)
71,40 € 64,26 € 14,28 € / none
Taste of Uruguay Wine case
For all wine lovers who want to try something off the beaten path, away from mainstream and well known regions: Welcome to Uruguay! We invite you to take a vinophile journey of discovery into the world of Uruguayan wines. This Taste of Urugu ... (Read More)
72,60 € 65,34 € 14,52 € / l
Uruguay discovery
With our Uruguay tasting package, we promise you a unique and tasty wine collection. This wine case contains the grape varieties Tannat, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah from three different wineries.   Our package incl ... (Read More)
73,60 € 66,24 € 14,72 € / none
Taste of Tannat wine case
This wine case includes our Tannat Top Sellers. 6 excellent wines from different growing areas of the small wine country: Canelones in the south, 30km from the capital, Colonia, in the west of Uruguay on the Río de la Plata and Maldonado, in ... (Read More)
95,60 € 86,04 € 19,12 € / l
The Best of Ballena Wine case
This exclusive mixed wine case gives you a taste of the best wines from the Alto de la Ballena boutique winery in Maldonado, Uruguay and takes you to the vineyards of the Sierra de La Ballena, less than 20km from the Atlantic coast. The phil ... (Read More)
131,40 € 118,26 € 26,28 € / l